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Trucker’s Pages, the best-known reference source for the Canadian trucking industry. It is a handy “Yellow Pages” for truckers. The publication was initially launched in 2005 to serve the needs of the trucking industry, in the western provinces. Within two years, Trucker’s Pages became a national publication.Now it’s the most sought-after publication for owner-operators, drivers, trucking companies, and those involved in the Canadian trucking industry.

This annual publication has seen many improvements over the years.These improvements which were necessary to serve the diverse needs of Western and Eastern Canadian businesses. In the future, we will continue to react to the emerging needs of this growing industry.

Our Advantage:

Trucker’s Pages is the most cost effective way to advertise your products, services, and information to all those in the trucking industry. You can be assured that your information will reach your target market in the most efficient manner. This national publication is unique in many ways, including:

  • Handy size for easy reference, storage and portability.
  • Sections for each province, neatly distinguished by TABS.
  • Within each provincial section, business & service categories are organized alphabetically.
  • Increased number of corporate pages to allow more exposure for national businesses and organizations.
  • Province specific information and industry telephone numbers are defined under the Information TAB for each province.
  • All industry relevant charts and border related information is included for easy reference.

Trucker’s Pages is now seen in the hands of most commercial transport drivers on a daily basis. In addition, the online component, www.trux411.com, is a useful source for dispatchers of trucking companies to find services or information in any province. Trux411 is updated regularly.

Our Distribution:

Trucker’s Pages in committed to providing you with the most efficent in distribution practices. With more than 200 free-standing racks at truck stops, dealerships, parts & service locations coast-to-coast, Trucker’s Pages has an extensive distribution network. In addition to mail-outs to clients, trucking companies, and related businesses. The Trucker’s Pages Distribution Team hand delivers the publication to ensure that target markets are reached.

Trucker’s Pages is a yearly publication, with 50,000 printed copies distributed annualy. It is distributed through most major trucking related centres in Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley (BC), Calgary and Edmonton (AB), Saskatoon and Regina (SK), Winnipeg (MB), Greater Toronto Area (ON), and Montreal (QC). In addition, Trucker’s Pages is also distributed at truck stops and other strategic locations along major highways across Canada.

With Trucker’s Pages, you will get the best in coverage, popularity, and distribution, across Canada.

Initial distribution occurs during spring of each year and all locations are replenished on a bi-monthly basis, at a minimum.

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