Ambassador Bridge to streamline tolling for CMVs

Bestpass and the Detroit International Bridge Company, owners of the Ambassador Bridge, announced a collaboration to streamline toll service for commercial vehicles using the bridge to travel between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario, in Canada.

“We are very excited to have Bestpass as a payment management option for our more than 7,400 commercial customers who use the Ambassador Bridge daily,” said Randy Spader, manager of operations for the Ambassador Bridge. “Our Electronic Tolling System (APASS) has allowed us to continue efficiency in minimizing border processing times when using the Ambassador Bridge to cross between U.S. and Canada. Being the busiest commercial border crossing in North America, it is essential that we continue facility and operational enhancements to go beyond our obligation in supporting the U.S. and Canadian economies.”

Bestpass customers using the Ambassador Bridge can pay tolls through their Bestpass account.

“We are aggressively expanding our tolling coverage for our clients. With our recent addition of Florida and Kansas, along with the addition of Oklahoma and Texas in early 2016, we expect to have 100 percent of the major toll facilities in the United States under our umbrella in short order,” said John Andrews, president and CEO of Bestpass. “We are also looking to work closely with toll facility operators like Ambassador Bridge to make sure that our service runs as smoothly as possible, no matter where our customers are driving.”

Glasvan Great Dane Controls Temperature in 2017

Glasvan to Specify ThermoGuard™ Highest Performance Liner on All In-Stock High Cube Tandem Reefers

MISSISSAUGA, Canada, January 3, 2017 – Glasvan Great Dane ( is now specifying ThermoGuard™, the industry-leading high performance liner as a standard on all its new in-stock tandem high cube swing door refrigerated trailers. The liner, which extends the useful life of the trailer, increasing trailer productivity and improving resale value, is exclusively available on Great Dane equipment. The announcement follows on Glasvan Great Dane’s excellent customer satisfaction ratings from hundreds of equipment owners who have repeatedly purchased their refrigerated trailers with the ThermoGuard™ liner over the last seven years.
George Cobham Jr., Vice President Sales and Marketing at Glasvan Great Dane comments, “Continuing to offer more value to our customers is consistent with our approach to providing better equipment and better service. The ThermoGuard liner is a proven performer and has many advantages, with the most critical being it works to retain the trailer’s insulating capability as the equipment ages.”

Key benefits of Glasvan Great Dane’s ThermoGuard liner include:
• Helps to control temperature integrity and helps maintain insulation performance as the trailer ages
• Reduces operational costs by helping reduce cooling unit run-time, reducing cooling unit maintenance and reducing cooling unit diesel fuel burn
• Strong, durable and puncture resistant, nearly three times the puncture resistance of traditional liners
• Controls reefer trailer weight gain as the trailer ages, due to the best moisture intrusion barrier properties that protect the trailer insulation
• Extends the useful life of the trailer, increasing trailer productivity and improving resale value
• Thin and light weight, saving up to 200 pounds and increasing available interior trailer space
• Nearly 3x the peel strength of other linings, making it extremely resistant to delamination
• Thermoplastic properties make it quick and easy to repair, reducing maintenance costs
In addition to in-stock equipment for immediate delivery, Glasvan Great Dane will continue to custom-order trailers to specific customer requirements and can offer the ThermoGuard liner as an option on all production order Great Dane reefer trailer equipment.

About Glasvan Great Dane
Glasvan Great Dane ( has been in operation since 1981. The company’s philosophy of “Better Equipment. Better Service.” has made them the highest volume Great Dane trailer dealership in the world. It also offers high quality new and used equipment from Autocar (shunts), Etnyre, Landoll and Chaparral.

Glasvan operates from five southern Ontario locations with 27 service bays, 24,000 square feet of parts warehousing plus full sandblast and paint capabilities.

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PR & Communications

Glasvan Great Dane to provide Telematics for Autocar shunt tractors

MISSISSAUGA, Canada, June 2, 2016 – Glasvan Great Dane ( has partnered with PinPoint GPS Solutions to provide Geotab telematics capabilities in its Autocar shunt tractors, combining modern technology with the legendary durability of Autocar. The announcement follows extensive product testing by Glasvan to ensure information accuracy, allowing for more effective asset maintenance.

George Cobham Jr., Vice President Sales and Marketing at Glasvan Great Dane says, “With the increasingly complex EPA mandated emission compliant engines and all the problems that can go along with ignoring engine codes, we sought a solution that provides our customers with real-time truck specific information. This information, when reacted to in a timely manner, will result in significant reductions in downtime and operating costs.”

Glasvan Great Dane provides a wide range of high quality trailer equipment and services, including the sale, full maintenance lease and rental of Autocar shunt tractors. Cobham comments that, “Our testing process was really interesting. We even installed a gyro on an Autocar shunt to gather data and we got aggressive with it.  There is no reason for an operator to be making three-quarters of G when cornering in a yard.  It’s unsafe and it prematurely wears out tires”, Cobham adds.

Key features of Glasvan’s Autocar shunt telematics system include:

  • Engine and emission system related alerts
  • Engine idle reports
  • Events log, such as rough hook-ups (slamming the trailer king pin), harsh braking, cornering at excessive speeds
  • Truck specific time-stamped performance and operational data

Customers that implement better operating practices based on this information will save money in tractor damage, fuel consumption, reduce downtime and should be able to extend the useful life of the equipment.

Glasvan will be offering affordable telematics solutions on new in stock and production DOT, Off Road and natural gas powered Autocar shunt tractors immediately.


About Glasvan Great Dane

Glasvan Great Dane ( has been in operation since 1981. The company’s philosophy of “Better Equipment. Better Service.” has made them the highest volume Great Dane trailer dealership in the world. It also offers high quality new and used equipment from Autocar (shunts), Etnyre, Landoll and Chaparral.

Glasvan operates from five southern Ontario locations with 27 service bays, 24,000 square feet of parts warehousing plus full sandblast and paint capabilities.

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Glasvan Hires Trucking Industry Heavyweight Bobby Bates

Driving Sales and Business Value for Our Dedicated Clients

MISSISSAUGA, Canada, March 29, 2017 – Glasvan Great Dane ( is proud to announce the appointment of Bobby Bates in his new role of Equipment Account Manager. Bobby has been entrusted to grow Glasvan Great Dane, and is responsible for the selling and leasing of all new and used product lines – Great Dane, Landoll, Chaparral by Doonan, Etnyre, Autocar and Doonan Specialized Trailers. Bobby brings to the team over 10 years of sales and management experience from the truck side of the industry.

Bobby spent the majority of his career doing sales and leasing negotiations. He joins Glasvan from a leading truck OEM, where he was the General Manager of the leasing division and also worked in new truck sales. He grew the leasing division both on the lease and rental side. He was instrumental in solidifying client relationships with major breweries, and he secured deals with leading food service entities, pharmaceutical waste companies and major dry freight linehaulers. Prior to this, Bobby worked in trailer leasing and he spent some time at his family’s used truck equipment business.

“Bobby is 3rd generation transport business and has diesel running in his veins,” said George Cobham Jr., Vice President Sales and Marketing at Glasvan Great Dane. “His comprehensive network, excellent reputation, knowledge and passion for the business will serve our customers well. We are excited to have him on board, and we are confident that he will strengthen Glasvan relationships and cement us as the number one provider of trailers and yard tractors in the industry.”

Coming from a long line of trucking and transportation pioneers, Bobby’s truck knowledge and passion make him a natural candidate to sell the Glasvan Autocar and shunt truck product offering. Bobby is backed by his family’s 65 years long involvement in the industry. His grandfather owned several trucking companies with Network Transport being dominant. His father has been in the transportation industry for 35 years, and Bobby worked for him selling all makes and models of trucks and trailers. Both his brothers also specialize in transportation.

“I’m committed to expanding Glasvan’s client relationships and introducing the product lines and several premium brands to untapped and niche markets,” said Bobby Bates, Equipment Account Manager for Glasvan Great Dane. “My goal is to develop strong relationships and trust with Glasvan clientele, so that we can offer them the value and solutions they need to run an efficient and profitable operation.”

About Glasvan Great Dane

Glasvan Great Dane ( has been in operation since 1981. The company’s philosophy of “Better Equipment. Better Service.” has made them the highest volume Great Dane trailer dealership in the world. It also offers high quality new and used equipment from Autocar (shunts), Etnyre, Landoll and Chaparral. Glasvan operates from five southern Ontario locations with 27 service bays, 24,000 square feet of parts warehousing plus full sandblast and paint capabilities.

Contact:  Jennifer Salo
PR & Communications

Goodyear Rolls Out New Fuel Saving Tire

The Fuel Max RSA is a new regional/long haul fuel-saving tire being rolled out by the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. that is also designed with “enhanced toughness” for driving in urban environments as well as long miles to removal and a high level of traction.

“The new Fuel Max RSA (seen at right) has been designed to deliver numerous benefits to help lower the operating costs for regional/long-haul fleets that operate mainly on-highway and have some exposure to urban driving,” noted Norberto Flores, Goodyear’s marketing manager, in a statement.

“Despite the fact that fuel costs have declined in recent months, fuel efficiency will remain a prominent fleet requirement,” he added. “That is why we’re extending Goodyear Fuel Max Technology to regional tires.”

The Fuel Max RSA, which is SmartWay-compliant, offers other features as well, Flores said:

Goodyear Fuel Max technology, which contains cool-running compounds to lower tire rolling resistance and improve fuel efficiency;
A tri-layer compound for longer mileage, less rolling resistance and greater curb impact resistance;

A “non-evolving” tread to help maintain traction through the tire’s lifecycle;
Super-tensile steel belts to add stability and enhance toughness
Goodyear Unisteel casing construction to enhance retread capability;
A computer-optimized tread design and footprint for more miles to removal;
Goodyear’s IntelliMax Rib Technology, which provides a stiffer tread area for lower rolling resistance, more even wear, and higher mileage.

“The Fuel Max RSA also offers outstanding snow traction thanks to its innovative tread design and boasts a 20/32-inch tread depth for lower cost-per-mile,” Flores added.

Goodyear noted that its new Fuel Max RSA is available in size 11R22.5, Load Range G.

Additional sizes – including 295/75R22.5 and 11R24.5 in Load Ranges G and H, and 11R22.5 in Load Range H – will be introduced in early 2016, the company noted.

Kenworth launches PremierCare

Kenworth announced it launched its PremierCare Gold Certified program to “further enhance the highest level of customer support at Kenworth dealerships in the United States and Canada.” The announcement came at the American Trucking Associations (ATA) Management Conference and Exhibition.

“Taking care of customers is something that is in our DNA at Kenworth, as demonstrated by our Kenworth PremierCare program, which has offered customers superior service for more than 20 years. Building on this customer service heritage, the new Kenworth PremierCare Gold Certified program takes service to another level,” said Jason Skoog, assistant general manager for sales and marketing. “Uptime has never been more important and it’s why we did extensive research with customers and the Kenworth Dealer Council to develop a new gold standard of customer service excellence at Kenworth dealerships.”

According to the company, the Kenworth PremierCare ExpressLane is a key element to become a Gold Certified dealer. Each Gold Certified Kenworth dealer will have dedicated ExpressLane technicians to support diagnosis and estimated repair time and cost.

“When a customer brings in his or her truck, the dealer will do a full diagnostic analysis and prepare an estimate for the time and cost of that repair – all within 2 hours,” Skoog said. “The goal is to do away with trucks sitting in the queue and drivers waiting for an estimate. And that’s critical to our customers, especially when the repair may be very simple and can be completed within hours. Knowing what’s happening, quickly, will help customers make the decisions needed to keep their deliveries on schedule.”

The Kenworth PremierCare Roadside Assistance program is another element of the program. “Kenworth’s 24/7 program has been a constant with our customers for a number of years,” Skoog said. “If there is ever an emergency on the road, our call center helps the driver or fleet manager work through the issue to get the truck back on the road as soon as possible.”

Extended evening hours on weekdays and extended hours on the weekends are also a requirement for certification, according to the company.

“It’s important for Kenworth dealers to be open and ready to serve drivers whenever they need our assistance,” Skoog said. “Diesel technicians at Kenworth Gold locations will have achieved the highest levels of certification under new and more rigorous factory certification standards for PACCAR MX series engines. Plus, these dealerships will be well-stocked with high-quality PACCAR MX engine parts.”

In addition, all new Kenworth Class 8 trucks with the PACCAR MX-13 engine are now standard with Kenworth TruckTech+.

“Since Kenworth TruckTech+ describes the issue, based on fault codes, we feel it’s a game changer when it comes to keeping trucks on the road. Minor issues can be addressed on the road or back at the home terminal, while larger issues can be diagnosed and fixed at the nearest Kenworth dealership. Every Kenworth PremierCare Gold Certified dealership offers dedicated TruckTech+ professionals on site,” Skoog said.

Mack Introduces Certified Uptime Centres

Mack Trucks rolled out a plan for a network of Certified Uptime Centres, for dealers having taken steps to expedite repairs and improve uptime.

The certification program, to qualify for such, dealers have to rethink their approach to service. The program standardizes workflow and does away with the traditional first-come, first-served model that often means it takes longer than necessary to complete simple repairs.

Stephen Roy, president of Mack Trucks North America, discussed the program at the American Trucking Associations Management Conference & Exhibition. He said industry-wide, downtime events average four days even when the average repair time sits at just 3.5 hours. Mack Certified Uptime Centres will prioritize quick repairs by dedicating bays and technicians to this work so that customers needing minor repairs can get in and out of the shop more quickly.

Roy said this type of job represents about 40-50% of service events.

David Pardue, vice-president of aftermarket business development with Mack Trucks, said “Certified Uptime Centres are about improving the workflow and the workshop processes within the service bays at our dealerships. It’s not a program, it’s not a campaign, it’s something that’s intended to drive and secure true process changes from the check-in point, when the customer arrives, to the time they leave the dealership.”

At a Mack Certified Uptime Centre, quick jobs will no longer get bogged down behind major jobs, Pardue explained. Certified dealers will dedicated one or more bays to the quick jobs, depending on the market and size of the dealership. But Roy said the pilot project, involving more than 20 dealers, has improved overall throughput and has not resulted in the bigger jobs taking longer to complete.

But, “Dealers have to change the way they do business,” Pardue acknowledged.

“This certification goes beyond just improving diagnostic times,” said Roy. “We’re increasing customers uptime by changing our approach to the service process, ensuring our customers’ trucks are diagnosed and repaired efficiently and returned back to them as quickly as possible.”

Manitoulin opens new terminal in Winnipeg

Manitoulin Transport announced today it has opened a new transportation terminal in Winnipeg next to its former terminal which is now closed.

The new terminal supports the company’s growth in Western Canada, Manitoulin said.

“This larger facility increases our ability to provide reliable freight services and enables us to handle the higher volume we’re seeing and will continue to see,” said Don Goodwill, president, Manitoulin Transport. “Customer satisfaction is a top priority at Manitoulin and this terminal will help ensure customer shipments are handled in a safe and organized manner with greater speed and accuracy. Manitoba customers can now consider Winnipeg a true gateway for shipments to anywhere in the province, across North America and around the world.”

The new facility is equipped with advanced security measures and has 24-hour surveillance cameras on the dock and yard. In addition, Manitoulin showed its commitment to reduce its carbon footprint, as the new terminal will be equipped with all-electric forklifts.

“Winnipeg is a hub of commerce in the province and we’re excited to grow our business there by helping our customers to grow theirs,” said Gord Smith, chief executive officer, Manitoulin Group of Companies. “We do this by giving customers a competitive edge through our reliable national and global coverage, aggressive transit times, advanced technology, and easy access to an impressive array of transportation and supply chain services which meet every conceivable need.”

Personnel based at Manitoulin’s previous Winnipeg terminal have transferred to the new site.

Peterbilt announces lightweight MX-11

Peterbilt Motors Company announced availability of the lightweight, fuel efficient PACCAR MX-11 engine for its flagship on-highway Model 579 and vocational Model 567. The new 10.8-litre engine – introduced by PACCAR to North American markets earlier this month – will be available for order through Peterbilt dealerships beginning on November 13 and production begins in January.

“The PACCAR MX-11 engine is a great addition to Peterbilt’s lineup of technologically advanced solutions focused on delivering the highest levels of quality, durability, performance, reliability, efficiency and overall return,” said Darrin Siver, Peterbilt General Manager and PACCAR Vice President. “The PACCAR MX-11 engine provides outstanding value in a lightweight and fuel efficient design, and will continue to exceed our high standards and our customers’ expectations.”

The PACCAR MX-11 engine has an output of up to 430 horsepower and 1,550 lb.-ft. of torque. It is ideal for a wide range of applications, including regional haul, tanker, bulk haul, construction and refuse.

PACCAR launched the MX-11 engine in Europe in 2013 and has manufactured and installed over 10,000 of the engines in vehicles built by its DAF Trucks division. PACCAR has over 50 years of engine development and manufacturing expertise.

The PACCAR MX-11 engine has six inline cylinders and a double overhead camshaft design. PACCAR MX engines are the only commercial diesel engines to use Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) in both the engine block and cylinder head. CGI is approximately 20 percent lighter and 75 percent stronger than traditional gray iron. The PACCAR MX-11 engine is designed to achieve an industry-leading B10 life of one million miles. It also utilizes a common rail fuel system with injection pressures of 2,500 bar to optimize combustion for low fuel consumption and noise levels.

“In addition to the weight and fuel savings, drivers will appreciate the responsiveness, performance and quiet operation of the PACCAR MX-11 engine running in their Peterbilt truck,” Siver said.

All Peterbilt dealer locations will provide full support of the PACCAR MX-11 engine.
The PACCAR MX-11 engine will be produced at the state-of-the-art PACCAR engine manufacturing facility in Columbus, Miss., where the PACCAR MX-13 is produced. The PACCAR MX-13 engine recently achieved a milestone of 100,000 units produced for North America; that engine was installed in a Peterbilt Model 579 and is in operation with Kenan Advantage Group.