Mack Owners Asked to Compete For Calendar Spot

  • April 09, 2019

For the fourth straight year, Mack truck owners are invited to compete for the six spots in the 2020 Mack calendar to be chosen by Mack Trucks’ social media followers.

The competition runs from April 2-May 31.

“Mack built its reputation on the hardest-working trucks and owners in the industry, and great-looking Mack trucks are always celebrated by our passionate fans,” said John Walsh, Mack Trucks vice-president of marketing. “The calendar contest gives everyone a chance to express their Mack pride and vote for their favourite trucks to be featured in next year’s calendar.”

All Mack models, past and present, qualify for the competition. But nominated trucks must be in revenue-producing service. No show trucks allowed.

Details can be found at