Required Reading: ATRI Compendium of Sustainable Freight Practices

  • September 20, 2014

On September 18, 2014, the American Transportation Research Institute released a compendium of sustainable freight practices ranging from driver training, idle reduction and speed management to vehicle aerodynamics, tires and engine systems, as well as research findings on the associated costs and benefits. Driver trainers & supervisors, operations & fleet managers: worth a read, and it’s free too.

According to ATRI, the research branch of the American Trucking Associations, “at the very highest level, sustainable practices are typically defined as those actions and activities that support economic, environmental and equity goals.” Chad England, CEO of refrigerated carrier CR England and a member of ATRI’s research advisory committee says they’re also an emerging focus for trucking.

The compendium includes a look at recent research on the topics it covers, providing strong support for changing or improving current practices; for example, Schneider National conducted a study on its own fleet (12,000 drivers) and determined that the safer the driver the better his (or her) fuel economy.

The compendium is available for all on ATRI’s website,