Why Are Safety Groups Against Something? What Are They For?

  • August 07, 2019

The Trump Administration is looking to ease up on HOS regulations for truck drivers; however, safety groups are feeling concerned. 

The current regulations limit long-haul truckers to 11 hours of driving time within a 14-hour on-duty window. They must also have 10 consecutive hours off duty before the ‘on-duty clock’ starts again. 

Daphne Izer lost her 17-year-old son over 20 years ago, when a truck driver fell asleep at the wheel, hitting a vehicle on the turnpike in Falmouth, Oregon. 

Her son, Jeff, was killed along with three other teenagers.

Izer then founded ‘Parents Against Tired Truckers,’ which has been fighting for safer roads ever since the accident.   She says she has nothing against truckers, just the way the industry is run. 

“The goods have to get delivered at any cost, and sometimes that cost’s human lives, and the way they’re paid promotes fatigue,” Izer said. “If the wheels are not turning, they’re not making money.” 

Izer also says that the ELDs were one of the group’s biggest successes.

The proposed revisions to HOS are still being reviewed by the White House and have not yet been revealed. 

Safety Groups Lobbied Against “Split Sleeper Birth” which if brought back will be a real safety improvement.