Bison Truck Videoed In Unsafe Pass

  • August 30, 2019

There is a video of a Bison Truck passing a car on Highway 9 near Oyen, Alberta.  Allegedly, although not evident on the video, the pass happened in a construction zone but it did happen on a solid line.  

Bison in their response blames it on an owner operator contractor which is the easy way out.  That mayor may not be the case but let’s give them the benefit of doubt.  Bison is all for safety.

But what really happens that may have caused this driver — Owner Operator or not — act I such unsafe manner. Hours of Service could have been a contributing factor. The Hours of Service have absolutely no provisions for delays.   There may have been pressure from either the shipper or the receiver to hit a very narrow window for the delivery or pickup.  The driver may have been having one of those days were the driver was feeling performance pressure from within.  We rarely know the extenuating circumstances.  

Fortunately the law is blind to extenuating circumstances.  If it can’t be done within the terms of the law, then it can’t be done by driving in an unsafe manner.  The point is drivers are there to make those necessary decisions to be safe at all times and it is simply wrong for remote people to be providing pressure on the only decision maker that is in charge of safety. 

This decision making Driver has clearly not made the best of decisions.