Trucking HR Launches Top Fleet Employers Program

  • December 12, 2013

The inaugural Top Fleet Employers program, administered by Trucking HR Canada, will be accepting applications beginning Jan. 1.

The national program recognizes fleets that offer the best workplaces in Canada’s trucking industry. Selection criteria for both for-hire and private fleets can be found here.

Fleets will be evaluated based on criteria that’s firmly rooted in the core values of the Canadian Trucking Alliance’s Blue Ribbon Task Force on the Driver Shortage.

“The vigorous selection criteria reflect Canadian human resources issues, trends and working environments, and have been validated by a panel of trucking industry experts and certified human resource professionals,” says Angela Splinter, chief executive officer of Trucking HR Canada.

 “Canada’s trucking industry faces a shortage of qualified drivers, and it will face increasing competition for future employees as other industries struggle with shortages of their own.

“Top Fleet Employers offers a way to highlight the best working environments in the trucking industry, showcases strong safety records, and promotes exceptional human resources practices. Highlighting these success stories will make the trucking industry more attractive to a new generation of workers and under-represented groups – helping the industry to find the workers it needs and keep the freight moving.”