Love’s Plans to Add More Private Parking Spaces for Truckers in 2019

  • February 08, 2019

As national demand for additional truck parking continues to rise, major travel-stop companies plan to expand operations and build additional facilities in 2019.

According to a survey conducted by the ATRI (American Transportation Research Institute), availability of parking has been the second-most important issue facing truckers for the past two years.

Vice President of Sales for Love’s Travel Stops, Jon Archard, stated the organization plans to add 40 new locations across the U.S. and close to 3,500 parking spots this year.

However, Archard also noted that it’s not an easy task planning for a new truck stop, despite the high demand. He says, “Sometimes the land is not always available, sometimes the price is prohibitive. Plus, zoning restrictions and congestion in cities can prevent Love’s from finding a site suitable for a location.”

Additionally, Archard said Love’s is researching ways in which they can expand their existing locations to house more truck parking spaces. The majority of their current travel stops range between 12 and 15 acres.