Diesel Price Down Slightly

The average price for a gallon of diesel fuel across the U.S. decreased a fraction of a cent from last week, according to the weekly report issued for... Read More

Union Pacific To Fine Truckers for Late Or Missed Deliveries

Beginning September, railroad company, Union Pacific will issue fines to truckers and trucking companies if they miss intermodal deliveries at six wes... Read More

Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada Supports Clothing Works

WTFC pays forward and giving back to local communities by partnering with Clothing Works.   Clothing Works helps people getting back into th... Read More

TCA Recognizes Highway Angels

Two truckers have been recognized as Highway Angels by the Truckload Carriers Association after they drove nearly an hour to rescue a stranded colleag... Read More

California Weighs In On The Contractor Vs Employee Question

Assembly Bill 5 passed through the California Senate committee on July 10.  The bill formulated three situations that must be true in order for a... Read More

Fort Garry Industries (FGI) acquires Pinwood Truck Parts.

Winnipeg based Fort Garry Industries (FGI) acquired Pinwood Truck Parts.Fort Garry purchased all the outstanding shares of Pinwood, making the company... Read More

Truckers Make a Boy’s Day

On Saturday, July 6, dozens of truck drivers came together to celebrate with a six-year-old Missouri boy named Bentlee McGeehon, struggling with healt... Read More

Rhode Island Truck Tolls First Year Over 7 Million

Two tolls on the 1-95 in southern Rhode Island have raked in $7.2 million just in their first year of being operational.The Rhode Island Department of... Read More

Paul’s Hauling Founder Passes

Paul Albrechtsen, founder of Winnipeg, Man.-based trucking company Paul’s Hauling, died July 7 at the age of 88.Saving enough money to purchase... Read More

ATA Releases New Logo for Driver Appreciation Week 2019

The American Trucking Associations recently revealed the official 2019 Truck Driver Appreciation Week logo and thank-a-trucker toolkit.“Every Se... Read More