Redwood Logistics to acquire Strive Logistics

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Convoy to Ottawa Underway

Thursday, a large number of trucks left Red Deer, Alberta heading toward Ottawa as part of the Yellow Vest Movement to protest a number of issues dire... Read More

Operational Costs of Trucking Rises

In what likely comes as no surprise to trucking fleets, one of the newest studies from ATRI shows that the industry's operational costs are on the ris... Read More

Is MELT The Panacea?

Ontario has a Minimum Entry Level Training requirement for all commercial drivers.  At least four other provinces are considering a MELT requirem... Read More

Indiana Lowers Speed Limit on I-69 For Potholes

Indiana officials say that potholes have become such an issue for drivers on I-69, that the speed limit will be reduced from 70 mph to 45 mph on a 14-... Read More

Supply Chain Constraints a Concern

According to Daimler Trucks CEO, Martin Daum, supply chain constraints were the “biggest negative surprise for us [Daimler] last year.”He... Read More

Trucking HR Canada hosts Women With Drive March 7th in Toronto

Be a leader. Influence change.  Better your business. Do it all on March 7th in Toronto.This year will mark the 5th anniversary of Women with Dri... Read More

Worst Detention Cities

According to FreightWaves Chief Insight Officer, Dean Croke, industry leaders should be looking at a key inefficiency in the trucking industry known a... Read More

NEMF Declares Bankruptcy

Late January 11, LTL carrier New England Motor Freight filed for bankruptcy protection saying the organization would go out of business.New England wa... Read More

The Most Bottlenecked Highways

The American Transportation Research Institute today released its annual list highlighting the most congested bottlenecks for trucks in America.The 20... Read More