We Lost A Brother

Shelley Uvanile-Hesch, CEO of Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada, lost her driving partner, her best friend, her husband on  Saturday.&n... Read More

Don Daseke Retires

Specialized transportation and logistics solutions company Daseke announced Thursday that Don Daseke will retire from his roles as chief executive off... Read More

Bendix Tech Tips

Heat is the enemy of braking performance: It’s the cardinal rule when it comes to brakes, well-known to fleet technicians, drivers, and owner op... Read More

SensiGuard Reports Cargo Thefts

There were fewer reported cargo thefts from April to June in United States than for the previous quarter, but the average loss-value of each load was... Read More

OOIDA Welcomes US HoS Changes

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) is welcoming proposed changes to the U.S. hours-of-service rules.The association, represent... Read More


Truck driver Robert Schaaf knew something was wrong when his company-provided fuel card stopped working earlier this year.“The fuel card had bee... Read More

Bureau of Industry and Security Seeks Comments

According to a Federal Register notice published on August 13, the BIS (Bureau of Industry and Security) is seeking public comment on the commercial i... Read More

FedEx and Amazon Adjust Service

FedEx said it would not renew its U.S. air-delivery contract with Amazon.   FedEx will still have a contract with Amazon for international d... Read More

Brian Kurtz Passes Away

The trucking industry lost another great man Friday.  RIP Brian Kurtz  touched the lives of many and set a great example for others to follo... Read More

ATA Announces EROAD National Driver of the Year Nominees

Five company drivers have been nominated for one of the trucking industry’s top awards.In the running for the American Trucking Associations&rsq... Read More